10 ways to make a million in just 5 minu… Oh, cool. WordPress 2.3 is out.

Now that WordPress 2.3 is out, I quickly downloaded it and upgraded a WP-installation on my local server (if you don’t have one, check out XAMPP). As with every major upgrade, I expected some problems, but was surprised - everything went smoothly.

I made some adjustments to the theme and when they also didn’t cause any problems, I couldn’t wait to see BloggerJourney in 2.3.

  • Files uploaded? Check.
  • Database upgrade? Chec… hey, wait a minute. These error messages don’t look friendly.

Somehow the db-server didn’t like the new WordPress. Damn these nostalgic fools.

Forced upgrade didn’t do anything to change my luck, so I exported a couple of tables from the local install and imported them to the unwilling db-servant. Worked.

After copying the changed theme files BloggersJourney seems to do okay. If you notice something different, please let me know.

Lessons learned: Backups are nice, local installations can be very helpful and theme editing can be easy. And I wonder why I have avoided tags for so long.

Good luck with your upgrade.

Oh, and no, I don’t know how to make a million in 5 minutes. I’m just in a really good mood *g*.

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