15 Free Web Directories for your Blog

If your looking for some links to your site, you shouldn’t forget the web directories.

Nowadays people mostly use search engines, so directories have lost some of their earlier importance. They still give link juice and the occasional visitor, though. And since web directories help search engines to better understand the topic of your blog, you should consider submitting it to a couple of directories.

Of course you could pay someone to submit your site to hundreds of directories, but if you want to make sure not to be listed next to a lot of splogs, or are simply as cheap as I am, manual submission to these web directories shouldn’t be too much work.

The List:







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13 Responses to “15 Free Web Directories for your Blog”

  1. Curious Cat Cool Connections is a free directory that I have managed for over 10 years. The sites included must be among the most useful sites on the internet on their topic (not limited to blogs). So it is not easy to be listed but if you have a great blog that provides great value to those interested in your topic you try.

  2. Good list. Also, SEOMoz has a list available at http://www.softduit.com/ranking_directories_seomoz.html

  3. Thank you. Additions are always welcome :-).

  4. hi tobsy, thanks for providing some of the additional list, i have not submitted to any of them and i would like to try them one by one, as you mentioned it shouldn’t take much of my time to work on them, thanks again^^

  5. There’s a HUGE list of directories at http://www.addurl.nu/
    Something like over 900 and the nice thing is they are sorted by PR (you can also sort alphabetically, by date added and by url). You could be submitting for months.

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  6. Thanks for the great info, I need more traffic!

  7. don’t waste time with old paid directories offering free submissions. They won’t accept your sites. If you have money to spend, pay for reviews in big directories. If you don’t, just submit in the new ones.
    At least, they will accept your site.

  8. Thanks for the list. I know that there are many, many services that offer bulk submissions, but I suspect that the sites they submit to aren’t good.

    Better to find ‘em yourself and submit ‘em yourself. More time consuming, but more fruitful in the long run (not to mention cheaper!).

  9. That’s a good list of directories. I was searching for this kind of information and got yours. Thanks.

  10. Good list, I hadn’t really considered the PR of directories when joining some in the past. I’ve never heard of the PR8 one listed here, I’ve definitely suggested my site to be listed there!

  11. Thanks for the list. That PR8 find is good!

  12. Thanks for the list

  13. Great list!

    There are also a lot of services that will submit your blog to a few hundred search engine friendly directories for $50 or so. The better ones will allow you to spread the submissions out over a few months, which makes the link growth seem more natural.

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