2 Sitemaps for your Blog

A sitemap is a website’s index. The whole content of the site is listed in one single document.

Bloggersjourney uses two plugins to generate sitemaps.

The first one is Arne’s Google Sitemap Generator for Wordpress. It creates a simple xml file without any text formatting. It’s a way to complement the regular web crawling for search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. You can look at it here. Whenever you publish or edit a page or post, the sitemap gets rebuilt and a ping is sent to Google (If you haven’t already, you should register with Google Webmaster-Tools. It’s really helpful).

The second plugin I use is Dagon’s Sitemap Generator. While it is also a list of posts and pages, this sitemap is meant to be readable by my blog’s visitors. Have a look at it.

This way visitors and search engines have their own sitemap, and you don’t have to make compromises.

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6 Responses to “2 Sitemaps for your Blog”

  1. I use gsitecrawler…does the job very well and is easy to use
    you might want to try it…you will love it
    trust me

  2. We do something similar with a mega-archives page linking to every post via the title, although we list things chronologically rather than by category.

  3. How do we update this xml file after every new post

  4. The plugin updates it everytime you publish or edit a post.
    You can also update it manually by simply clicking a button in the options.

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