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How to add a widget to the sidebar

There are basically two ways to add widgets to the sidebar. The easy one for people who use a widget-ready theme, and then there’s the way for people who are either using a non-widget-ready theme or are weird German guys with too much time on their hands, who prefer to mess with the code. […]

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Dosh Dosh - thorough and inspiring

Before I started to take blogging more seriously, I didn’t like feed readers. I was pretty happy with just using my bookmarks.
My own blog was in German, and I updated it only sporadically. It was just an outlet for my thoughts, when I felt like writing them down. After a while I thought “Hey, maybe […]

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The Social Web Part 4: StumbleUpon

Yes, this 4th and last past part (for now) of the Social Web Series is devoted to one single service.
StumbleUpon not only combines a lot of the features that put the 2 in Web 2.0. It’s easy to use, community driven and delivers a constant flow of targeted traffic to your blog.
How to start
It’s pretty […]

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The Social Web Part 3: Blog Communities

Have you noticed the small avatars in my sidebar? You have seen them on other blogs too? Well, if you haven’t been curious enough to check them out, you might want to do it now.
Blog Community Services
What these services have in common is the possibility for you or your blog to join communities (or neighborhoods). […]

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The Social Web Part 2: Social Bookmarking Services

In the beginning there was the web. People stored their bookmarks locally. Then the netgods said: “Let there be tags!”, and social bookmarking emerged. Or something like that.
Social bookmarking is a simple thing. You store your bookmarks (or favorites, if you prefer that term) online and give them a couple of tags, which help you […]

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