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The Social Web Part 1: Social News Sites

You have written great posts, but your visitor count doesn’t explode. You want people to know about your blog. Isn’t there a possible source of large amounts of traffic? After all, you believe that your content is really worth some attention.
Social News Sites CAN bring you a lot of traffic. In fact, they can bring […]

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Alexa vs. reality

What is Alexa?
Alexa offers a Toolbar for the IE. If you install it, Alexa will monitor your surfing habits, thus counting the visitors a site gets from their toolbar users. After gathering the numbers, Alexa adds them, creates a ranking of all websites and pretends to know which websites get the most visitors.
But I use […]

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Firefox - A blogger’s best friend

If you are used to the Internet Explorer, you should give Firefox a try. Not only is it a lot more compliant to the standards of the W3C than the IE, it’s got a lot of other advantages that make it the only real choice for you as a blogger.
What makes Firefox stand out?

Tabbed browsing […]

Popularity: 22% [?]

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Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

I just had an involuntary break from blogging. Only two days, but when you just started a new blog, two days without a new post can really set you back. So, while I hope not to experience a problem like that again (Yeah, right), I will prepare myself for occasions like this. If you haven’t […]

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Optimize your feed

No matter how inexperienced you are, you most likely know what a feed is. So, I’m not going to bore you with a long introduction.
Basically a feed (no matter if it’s RSS or Atom) is content published in a machine-readable way. You publish it, your readers subscribe to it, using a feed reader.
Burn your feed!
Instead […]

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