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I do follow - How about you?

You just read a really interesting post. Now you want to let the poster know how you feel about it. Maybe you know a few things that could add even more value to the article. What do you do? Of course, you leave a comment. Afterwards you feel good about yourself. You are sure to […]

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Give your blog a nice theme

A freshly installed Wordpress is nice, but ugly. Luckily for you, the Wordpress gods have forseen this and thus they granted people the choice of themes. The easiest (and probably the most common) way to choose a theme would be to browse the Theme viewer for one of your liking.
Instead I would suggest to hop […]

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www prefix - yes or no?

At some point you have to choose what you’re address should look like. Take a look at your browser’s address field. This blog’s URI is No www. No matter what part of this blog you visit or how you enter the address into your browser.
Spiders and bots are really simple minded. Yes, even the […]

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Give Comment Spam no Chance

If you haven’t already, you will soon find spam to be the biggest pita for your blog. Like emails, your comments would look like a classified section for pharmaceutical products. Unlike emails, your comments are not only read by you, but also by your visitors, which makes them a high priority target for spammers.
When you […]

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Install Wordpress on your Webspace

Now that you have your webspace, you need to install Wordpress.
Create a mySQL database in your admin panel (Depending on your host, you might also have to add a new user and connect him to this database (with all privileges)).
Head over to and download the latest version.
Extract the compressed file in a new directory […]

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