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Stumble into the Weekend 09/28

It’s Friday again. Have shown a bit of stumbling support for your favorite posts? If you’re planning on doing it over the weekend, I have some suggestions for you.

Daniel gives 10 tips for writing better posts on Daily Blog Tips. Check them out and follow his advice. I’m sure I can use it. *g*.
Skellie writes […]

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10 ways to make a million in just 5 minu… Oh, cool. WordPress 2.3 is out.

Now that WordPress 2.3 is out, I quickly downloaded it and upgraded a WP-installation on my local server (if you don’t have one, check out XAMPP). As with every major upgrade, I expected some problems, but was surprised - everything went smoothly.
I made some adjustments to the theme and when they also didn’t cause any […]

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Shoe Affleck?

Recently Mark from 45n5 posted about “blogger celebrity look-alikes“. I hope he doesn’t get all Gladiator on me, but I also see more Kevin Spacey in him.
I look like some freakish kind of hybrid between Michael Moore and Kevin Smith, so I’m sure as hell not to put up incriminating pictures for your amusement ;-).
Mark’s […]

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Stumble into the Weekend 09/21

It is Friday and again I want to list some posts that I have read, liked & stumbled. These posts are definitely worth reading. Oh, and as a special treat: ***drum roll*** None of them is about Blogrush. Isn’t that a nice change?

Derek shows 4 examples how to style images with CSS. If you don’t […]

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David Airey’s $4,000 blog anniversary prize draw

If you haven’t heard about David’s one-year anniversary contest by now, you should really subscribe to some more feeds. It’s already well covered, but I haven’t entered yet. So here it comes.
David is a logo designer from Edinburgh, Scotland. His one-year blog anniversary is coming up, and he has collected prices from all over the […]

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