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Just in case you don’t know, a favicon is the little symbol you see in the url bar and next to a website’s title in the tabs and bookmarks.

If you want one like that for your blog, this’ll tell you how to do it. It’s really pretty simple.

FavIcon SourceYou need a source graphic. Take or make a square picture. For my blog I created a simple 64×64 graphic.

Go to Chami’s FavIcon Generator, enter your picture’s location, generate your favicon.ico and download it.

Copy the favicon.ico from the downloaded zip to your blog’s root directory.

Open your theme’s header.php and add

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://yourblog/favicon.ico”>

above the php stuff (there should already be other links that start with “<link rel=” - just add it there).

You’re done. Look at your blog and you should see your favicon.

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13 Responses to “A FavIcon for your Blog”

  1. I was searching for a good free program to get some nice icon for my favicon. I dont have money to spend on photoshop. Thanks for the links.

    I will soon update my theme with a favicion.

  2. WOW so this I am also using for favicons on my websites too.

    Thanks friend for the link Now I will not atleast waste my time in making those tiny images and going blind and dizzy by its details.

  3. Mmmm, looks nice, this tools can make favicon from our own image/picture. I already create my own favicon but I don’t create it as favicon.ico. I named the file with something else and save it as .gif. fortunately, it still work.

  4. Nice, thanks for your help. i couldn’t do it without your advice.

  5. I didn’t know that you could access a site on the internet to generate your favicon icon. Great post.

  6. I wish I would have seen this 2 weeks ago when I was trying to figure out how to install a favicon.

    Great post!

  7. Ya me too just last week I had to struggle to make my own then I finally found a generator on google. Life saver

  8. Good post.Will try that out.Woul you like to link to my blog - http://digital-tech-guide.blogspot.com/. Do drop me a comment

  9. Photoshop is better than Chami’s software for creating favicons.

  10. i create my favicon using image ready but they said it’s very easy when using photoshop.

  11. Is so easy to create favicons as long as you know the dimensions and have a image processing software like Fireworks or PS.

  12. I’ve always wondered how to get one of these. The process turned out to be much easier than I would have imagined. I had heard it could be done with photoshop, but this was a lot easier. Thanks for the link.

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