Blog Traffic Made Easy

John from has released a free 22-page ebook. “Blog Traffic Made Easy” contains a lot of nice tips for the starting blogger. The content is grouped into six chapters:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Promotion
  • Delivery
  • Encourage Linking
  • Tracking Results

So, if you want to download your free copy of “Blog Traffic Made Easy”, go to and get it.

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12 Responses to “Blog Traffic Made Easy”

  1. Seems like the book is a good read. I’ll be downloading it now.

  2. Thanks for the link to the eBook. I’m downloading it right now. Hopefully it will guide me in the right direction as I plan for and launch my new blog next month. Look for it then.
    Thailand Musings

  3. currently downloading as well, thanks for the hint ;)

  4. Thanks for the link, I’ve been looking for a (free) e-book like this.

  5. […] 6. (Portugeese) 7. 8. 9. […]

  6. Thank you for the link. I will download it and prove that this book will give more hints to assists me in future. There are 3 links stated above… Any differences?

  7. The 3 links are other reviews of the ebook. To download it, just visit

  8. Great link, thanks!

  9. Oh… Here is the link. Thank you very much Tobsy.

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