Blogging Is No One-Way Street

A big, probably the biggest, mistake new bloggers make is to believe that you just have to fill your blog with content, and the readers will come. After two weeks of writing they feel disappointed and their posting frequency goes down, along with their motivation.

What some fail to realize is that a blog is not just another way to publish content. Blogs are community hubs. If you don’t interact with other bloggers, they are probably not going to notice you.

There are lots of possibilities to get your name out.

  • Comments - Don’t just write a comment or answer one on your blog. When you leave a comment and get an answer, reply to it. Start a discussion. Comments are forgotten pretty fast, good conversations are remembered.
  • StumbleUpon - When you come across a post you like, stumble it. Use it as a bookmark tool. Mention your stumbles from time to time. If your posts are worth it, you’ll see people starting to stumble them.
  • Advertisement - You made a bit of money selling ads? Why not reinvest some of it? You want people to know you, and bloggers tend to be very thankful to their advertisers.
  • Your favorite blog has a post including a question you’d like to answer or comment on? Think it through and make a post on your blog. Mention the other blog and start a blog conversation.

These are just a few examples for blog interactions. Whenever you see an opportunity for blog dialogue, take it. You will instantly realize the benefits.

I’ve become acquainted with really great, interesting people since I started to blog. Don’t miss out on that.

If you don’t have a big advertisement budget, a lot of content for search engine traffic, or influential friends, you need to interact with other bloggers.

The exchange of opinions & ideas is the essence of blogging.

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