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Blogging Is No One-Way Street

A big, probably the biggest, mistake new bloggers make is to believe that you just have to fill your blog with content, and the readers will come. After two weeks of writing they feel disappointed and their posting frequency goes down, along with their motivation.
What some fail to realize is that a blog is […]

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One Dozen Sources of Inspiration for Writers

It doesn’t matter whether you write stories or blog posts. We all need some inspiration now and then to either get us into the right mood or sparkle some ideas.
So, get your notebook (If you don’t carry one, you might want to change that) out, and try some of my favorite sources of inspiration.

Read a […]

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I do follow - How about you?

You just read a really interesting post. Now you want to let the poster know how you feel about it. Maybe you know a few things that could add even more value to the article. What do you do? Of course, you leave a comment. Afterwards you feel good about yourself. You are sure to […]

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Why do you want to start blogging?

Don’t get me wrong - I like the idea. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t read my blog right now. But I believe before you even start to think about what you’re gonna write, you should try to realise why you want to blog in the first place.
Some of the more common reasons to blog:

The […]

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