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Camtasia Studio 3 for free

If you’ve been thinking about doing screencasts or just need a great software for you presentations or video manuals, this is good news.
Paul Colligan just announced that TechSmith is offering Version 3 of Camtasia Studio as a free download.
Download it here, get the free key here and you’re set.
The latest version is 5, but version […]

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Blog Action Day: On Energy Production

Now that global warming has been accepted as a fact by most people, shouldn’t we all agree that we need to change the way our energy is produced?
Then why is it that we still have to listen to this “We don’t want to hurt our economy” crap?


I’m not asking this from an ecological point of […]

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The Top Ten Google Keyword Blunders - Meme

BloggersJourney is a relatively young blog, as you can see by looking at my impressionable pagerank of 0. Thanks to my laziness it also doesn’t have that many posts yet. Since most of my search engine keywords are relevant and on topic, I was at a loss when Garry Conn tagged me for his “Top […]

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Shoe Affleck?

Recently Mark from 45n5 posted about “blogger celebrity look-alikes“. I hope he doesn’t get all Gladiator on me, but I also see more Kevin Spacey in him.
I look like some freakish kind of hybrid between Michael Moore and Kevin Smith, so I’m sure as hell not to put up incriminating pictures for your amusement ;-).
Mark’s […]

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Another one?

Oh, great. Just what the world needed. Another blog about blogging?
Well, yes. Basically you’re right. is about blogging. But since it’s geared towards the novices out there, I hope it’s gonna proof to be quite useful.
The first week will be “Configuration Week”, which means that regular business will start 06/11. Until then you’re reading […]

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