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Yesterday I visited a blog I hadn’t noticed before. I liked it, so I clicked the Direct Subscribe Icon (provided by the Better Greader Firefox Add-On).
As a result the Google Reader opened and told me that there were no articles for this feed. Weird.
Hmm, the address Google showed was the blog’s default WordPress feed address.
I […]

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WordPress Admin Dashboard - Technorati or Google Blogsearch?

On the right side of your WordPress admin dashboard you can see your incoming links. Until recently the data was fetched from Technorati.
This changed in WordPress 2.3. Now the data is fetched from Google Blogsearch.
While I think that 2.3 is a big step forward, I prefer Technorati as the source for my incoming links. So […]

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Create a favicon - it’s never been easier

Give your Blog a Favicon

I’ve shown you how to create a favicon using a favicon generator before. That was easy. If it wasn’t easy enough, or you were afraid that you might screw up your blog, Cindy from Digital Ramble has the right solution for you.

The Favicon Manager WordPress Plugin

This is a simple, tiny plugin. […]

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10 ways to make a million in just 5 minu… Oh, cool. WordPress 2.3 is out.

Now that WordPress 2.3 is out, I quickly downloaded it and upgraded a WP-installation on my local server (if you don’t have one, check out XAMPP). As with every major upgrade, I expected some problems, but was surprised - everything went smoothly.
I made some adjustments to the theme and when they also didn’t cause any […]

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A FavIcon for your Blog

Just in case you don’t know, a favicon is the little symbol you see in the url bar and next to a website’s title in the tabs and bookmarks.
If you want one like that for your blog, this’ll tell you how to do it. It’s really pretty simple.
You need a source graphic. Take or make […]

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