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Before I started to take blogging more seriously, I didn’t like feed readers. I was pretty happy with just using my bookmarks.

My own blog was in German, and I updated it only sporadically. It was just an outlet for my thoughts, when I felt like writing them down. After a while I thought “Hey, maybe if I blogged in English, I could have readers from all over the world.” Yes, I admit, I also thought I could make some money this way.

I started browsing the web. I checked out blogs and read a lot about blogging. When I discovered a blog named “Dosh Dosh“, I did what I refused to do before – I got myself a feed reader. The certainty not to miss new posts was worth changing my habits.

Since then I got to know quite a number of bloggers and their blogs. One thing hasn’t changed, though: When it comes to detailed, thoroughly written articles, I have yet to see someone beat Maki. On his about page he writes:

Most of the content you’ll read on this blog is directed towards this end: Detailed reviews of websites, programs and products will primarily examine their role in short or long term monetization strategies.

The emphasis here is definitely placed on detailed.

Take some time and look through his archive.

Some recommended articles for the aspiring blogger:

This review has not been part of some kind of exchange, and it has not been paid or asked for. It’s simply a recommendation.

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3 Responses to “Dosh Dosh - thorough and inspiring”

  1. Thanks for the kind words! And great customization of the ProSense btw, very cool looking. :)

  2. You’re welcome. And thanks right back :-)

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