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Blogrush is a Blog Syndication Network. As you can see in the widget of my sidebar, it shows 5 post headlines of blogs in your chosen category (There are 34, so your niche should be covered). The headlines are not chosen randomly, but are supposed to be contextual.

For every pageview you get, one of your headlines shows up in the widget of a related blog. So far, so common.

Blogrush has a 10 (!) tier referral program. Your headlines don’t only show up, when someone looks at your blog, but also for pageviews of blogs you referred. And for ones they referred. And so on for 10 generations. This of course means, that an early signup and implementation ist really useful.

You can refer other bloggers by textlink or through your widget.

Blogrush just started, so it’s impossible to say something about the traffic it generates.

Btw, if you make it to the frontpage of Digg and have the widget installed, please tell me what the results were.

So, head over to Blogrush, sign up and install the widget (If you don’t know how, read “How to add a widget to the sidebar“). Test it, track it and promote it. Let’s see how it does.

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