Give Comment Spam no Chance

If you haven’t already, you will soon find spam to be the biggest pita for your blog. Like emails, your comments would look like a classified section for pharmaceutical products. Unlike emails, your comments are not only read by you, but also by your visitors, which makes them a high priority target for spammers.

When you install Wordpress, you already have an anti-spam plugin in your plugin directory - Akismet. While it’s not that bad, I found it to be suboptimal. Both the numbers of false positives and false negatives are a bit too high.

So, instead of Akismet I prefer Spam Karma. I’d suggest you head over to Dave’s Blog and download it.

The installation is pretty easy. Just unzip the archive, open your ftp client to copy it as is to your blog’s plugin directory, so the path looks something like this: yourdomain/wp-content/plugins/SK2/.

Activate Spam Karma in your blog’s plugin management.

To configure Spam Karma, take a look at Andy’s configuration post (That’s where I got my settings from and it’s working like a charm).

I hope it’ll do for you what it did for me - get rid of this crappy spam.

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One Response to “Give Comment Spam no Chance”

  1. I just can agree with this. I am also using Spam Karma 2 and the results are absolutely satisfying and I just can recommend to use it.

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