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A freshly installed Wordpress is nice, but ugly. Luckily for you, the Wordpress gods have forseen this and thus they granted people the choice of themes. The easiest (and probably the most common) way to choose a theme would be to browse the Theme viewer for one of your liking.

Instead I would suggest to hop over to Weblog Tools Collection and browse through their articles (and subscribe to their feed - it’s worth it). This way you get a nice overview of the latest themes - “latest” also meaning “not widely used yet”.

If you’d like to do me a favor, please keep this in mind:

  • Red text on a black background is only cool, if you’re a depressed goth with a WoW-addiction.
  • Newspapers use black (or dark grey) text on white ground for a reason. It’s easy on the eyes.
  • No psychedelic colors please - You’re not Timothy Leary and I don’t want to open my mind.

Choose one you really like. After all, the first thing people notice about your blog is the layout. It’s not more important than the content, but neither should it restrain them from reading your articles.

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