Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

I just had an involuntary break from blogging. Only two days, but when you just started a new blog, two days without a new post can really set you back. So, while I hope not to experience a problem like that again (Yeah, right), I will prepare myself for occasions like this. If you haven’t already, I suggest you do the same. Write something in advance. When the trouble comes, you just have to publish it.

What can I do?

  • Write some timeless content. Prepare some articles that will be as good in two months as they are now.
  • Answer some frequently asked questions.
  • Be personal and write an off-topic post about something you really like. Your favorite book, movie - maybe you can even link it to your blog’s topic.
  • Write a list. Hey, maybe it even draws a couple of these number-fetishists from digg to your site.
  • If you do paid posts - they would be a nice emergency post.

What I wouldn’t do:

  • Ask questions in your article. If your problem stops you from writing, it’ll more than likely stop you from answering comments as promptly as your readers deserve it.
  • Write reviews of other sites. The thing you like most about it might change in the meantime. Or worse, the mistakes you so cleverly point out are corrected.
  • Write a how-to. Your detailed instructions on how to install Mega-Plugin 1.2 might look less helpful when version 1.3 just got released.
  • Write something highly controversial. Again, you really should be able to comment for this.
  • Post an interview. This would just be rude. Interviews are not posts to be put back.

Okay people. I will try to always keep a couple of posts saved. When my computer challenges me to a fight again, I will be prepared. How about you?

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3 Responses to “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”

  1. Great article - Here are some other ideas that you might consider - I haven’t read your earlier posts, so if this doesn’t apply, mea culpa. You could give your readers a brief bio on yourself - and if you notice comments - then you could add a bit more. In your ‘wouldn’t do’ list you mention reviewing sites - yes, I agree wholeheartedly, however you can mention sites you’ve come across that were interesting to you - for example, check out this site - chizmax.com - it has nothing to do with blogging, it’s about music and videos of music. You could also mention sites that would help your readers - perhaps something that is not exactly in your repertoire. Just some ideas, please don’t take umbrage with what I’ve suggested. Take care.

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