I do follow - How about you?

You just read a really interesting post. Now you want to let the poster know how you feel about it. Maybe you know a few things that could add even more value to the article. What do you do? Of course, you leave a comment. Afterwards you feel good about yourself. You are sure to have helped the poster.

You have entered your blogs address so others can check it out. If your comment really is that insightful, I bet you that some people will visit your blog. But someone will not: Google. Big G won’t count the link for your brilliant comment. Why? Because the blog’s owner didn’t teach Wordpress how to do that.

By default Wordpress gives commentator links the “nofollow” tag. Originally thought to prevent comment spam, it tells the Googlebot not to follow the links to the commentators’ links. While it didn’t prevent spam, it hides one of blogging’s most important aspects from Google: community.

IFollowYou can decide for yourself, whether you want to reward your reader’s participation or not. If you do, simply install Semiologic’s dofollow plugin. From now on, everyone who comments on one of your posts and enters his blog’s address, will get this link indexed by Google.

If you’re a member of Bumpzee, you will find a big community of blogs that do follow there..

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8 Responses to “I do follow - How about you?”

  1. I do follow. I spend a lot of time filter all the spam, but overrall, it’s an encouragement to people.

  2. I’m a DoFollower too.

    Terence, you can use anti spam plugin to prevent comment spam by bots.
    I use this plugin too.

  3. I’d suggest Spam Karma. Haven’t had to deal with spam since I installed it.

  4. I just checked on my WordPress ….

    Yes. I have Akismet installed. I just found out it did not capture some new comments that pretend as normal comments.

    Something like…

    WOW… great article. Nice content and good luck!

    Check out the similar topic on my blog.



    Then when I link to the site. It’s a doorway blog full of crap spyware and virus …

    So I have to clean them manually.

  5. That’s why I switched to Spam Karma.

  6. Hello,

    After I joined the Do Follow Movement and saw that there is a D-List, I wanted to be on that list. But, from what I saw, the list hasn’t been updated for a while. So, I decided to keep the list updated myself.

    You can find it here: Do Follow List

    Also, I wanted to let you know that your site is there too.



  7. The Do follow is a revolution. Its something people initially thought is bad thats why they invented the rel=nofollow. However this innovation needs the test of time. We will see whether it really becomes successful or not.

    At present it seems to be working great.

  8. Since I joined the “You comment, I follow”, I got a lot more comments than I expect. That was great. How ever, I do find people still using nofollow for their link when they leave the comments.

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