Install Wordpress on your Webspace

Now that you have your webspace, you need to install Wordpress.

Create a mySQL database in your admin panel (Depending on your host, you might also have to add a new user and connect him to this database (with all privileges)).

Head over to and download the latest version.

Extract the compressed file in a new directory (I’d recommend calling it wordpress).

Open a text editor of your choice and open the wp-config-sample.php in your new directory.

Replace putyourdbnamehere, usernamehere and yourpasswordhere with the name of your new database, the database-username and its password.

Save the file as wp-config.php (without the -sample).

Upload the directory’s content to your webspace (not in a subdirectory).

Run the install script - Open your browser and point it to http://yourdomain/wp-admin/install.php (you have replaced yourdomain with your actual domain, right?)

Follow the instructions.

You’re done. Congratulations, your blog awaits you.

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Get a Host for Wordpress

As I mentioned in the Mission Statement, my advice for every new blogger is to use a self-hosted Wordpress installation.

You need to pay a few bucks every month, but the higher degree of freedom and control and the number of possibilities are worth it.

So, the first choice you have to make: A hosting provider.

I live in Germany and my sites are hosted here, so I can’t give you a recommendation from my own experience.

What to look for:

  1. The amount of free traffic - Once your blog has a big archive or you have regular success on social media sites, you will be glad you thought about it.
  2. Support - Yep, it’s this high on my list. Not that I have anything against India, but I wouldn’t want to ask a guy from Calcutta, why my server in San Diego is giving me headaches.
  3. Price - Don’t want to pay too much, right? The lower the price, the less you have to make to break even.
  4. Space - Host a lot of pictures or video and you will need a lot of space.

After browsing the web for some time and reading a lot about people’s experiences I would recommend BlueHost (affl).

And this is why:

1. 3,000 GB traffic - For a blog, that’s close to unlimited.
2. Great support - BlueHost is known for it’s premium support.
3. 6,95/month - Small price for a big package.
4. 300 GB hosting space - Hard to use all of it just through blogging.

This is an affiliate link. When you click it and sign up with BlueHost, I get paid. If that’s a reason for you not to trust this review, I’d say don’t sign up just now. Go over there, have look and read through their forum (which is another plus for BlueHost).

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Why do you want to start blogging?

Don’t get me wrong - I like the idea. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t read my blog right now. But I believe before you even start to think about what you’re gonna write, you should try to realise why you want to blog in the first place.

Some of the more common reasons to blog:

  • The most important reason: It can be a lot of fun.
  • If you need a creative outlet, blogging is a great choice.
  • If you tend to comment on other people’s blogs a lot, your own blog is a great central storage space for your thoughts.
  • Are your friends scattered all around the world? A blog is great to let them know what you’re up to.
  • Yes, you can make a living of it. It’s not easy, but if you can exercise the necessary patience and constantly deliver quality content, you stand a realistic chance.

Why I blog:

  • I simply enjoy writing. I guess the only thing I’ve never written is a complete novel.
  • My English is far from perfect. Blogging gives me the opportunity to exercise (Feel free to correct me when my mistakes are too distracting *g*).
  • I’m not a pro-blogger, but I like to help people. So, I write about what I’ve learned on my journey.
  • It satisfies my curiousity for free. Adsense pays for hosting and then some.

And something you’ll learn once you’ve started: The blogosphere is full of great people. You’ll see.

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Create your own Blog - Mission Statement

On I want to help you on your journey to create your own blog and let it grow.

I don’t doubt that Blogspot, Blogger and the like have their use, but when I say “your own blog”, I talk about a self-hosted Wordpress blog. If you prefer another blog platform, just skip the Wordpress related posts.

Have a look around.

The categories:

  • Blogging Mindset - Motivation & the emotional side of blogging
  • Content Creation - On writing posts
  • Promotion - Get the word out
  • Monetization - make money with your blog
  • Reviews - My favorite blogs & useful Plugins

I hope that, in the end, you will find this blog useful, motivating or simply a worthwile read.

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Another one?

Oh, great. Just what the world needed. Another blog about blogging?

Well, yes. Basically you’re right. is about blogging. But since it’s geared towards the novices out there, I hope it’s gonna proof to be quite useful.

The first week will be “Configuration Week”, which means that regular business will start 06/11. Until then you’re reading a blog that’s inoperative. What are you doing here?

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