Stumble into the Weekend 02/08

It is Friday again, and if you are one on my regular readers, you know what that means. As every other week, I want to list my favorite posts of the week. I read, liked and stumbled them, and maybe you’d like to do the same.

  • It’s not a big secret that I am a fan of WordPress. One of the many reasons is its versatility. You can see a wonderful example on The Design Canopy: The WP Contact Manager. Yep, David has turned WordPress into a contact manager. Well done, and I’m curious to see how it evolves.
  • RT has written a very nice “WordPress Guide to Pingbacks and Trackbacks“. If you’re new to WordPress this is a must-read.
  • Mani’s “SEO friendly titles, a 359.5% degree perspective” might give you a few clues on how to use title tags wisely. If you’re not sure how to do it - read the post.
  • Caroline’s “How Hard Do You Need to Work at Your Own Business?” deals with her schedule (or lack thereof). Since I’ve never been a friend of tight schedules (heck, I’m writing this at 3:10 am), I totally understand her point of view.
  • Hands on: Chris Garrett’s “How to Get More Bookmarks and Better Links” is a brilliant post that you should not miss. Unless you don’t want people bookmarking your posts. Otherwise read it, bookmark it, stumble it.
  • Now that you know how to get bookmarks, head over to Traffikd, where Steven’s “5 Ways to Fail With Social Media Marketing” tells you what Social Media mistakes to avoid. And I bet that most of us have - at one point or another - made at least one of these mistakes. I know I have.

That’s it for this installment of SitW. I wish you a good read and a nice weekend. And if you happen to read a post during the next week, that you think is extremely stumbleworthy, don’t be shy - drop me a line.

Oh, after last weeks post I received some nice mails about my father’s operation. Thank you for that. He’s back home and in 2-3 weeks he’ll be as good as new. Well, new with grey hair *g*.

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Stumble into the Weekend 02/01

Wow, it’s already Friday again. My father’s spent the last week in a hospital. Between visiting him and taking care of stuff I’ve kinda lost track of time. As you can see, that doesn’t stop me from posting my favorite blog posts of the week (well, the ones I read).

Okay, enough smalltalk. Let’s get right to the links.

Okay, that should keep you busy for a while. I wish you a good read and a nice weekend.

Oh, if you stumble across a (blogging related) post that you think deserves more attention - let me know. I’m always looking for good additions to my feed list.

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Stumble into the Weekend 01/25

It’s Friday and you need something to read on the weekend? Great, then you’ll enjoy this week’s installment ob SitW. I’ve read a lot ob blog posts over the week, stumbled my favorites, and now I’ll give you the links and hope that you’ll find them just as helpful.

  • Quite a few of my readers loved Court’s “keyword sniping” posts, so you better make sure not to miss his “Keyword Sniping - Finding And Choosing Profitable Niches“. It’s worth your time.
  • In “Understanding Affiliate Marketing From The Perspective Of A Blogger“, Yaro describes his first steps as an Affiliate Marketer and some of the lessons he has learned since then. It’s a good read - not only for the beginning marketer.
  • How do you design a landing page? I know, it can be a big pita, but Mani’s “Landing page optimization - SEO tips” might help you with certains aspects of the process. Don’t underestimate the importance of landing page SEO.
  • Since I’m already writing about it - Garry asks “Why Do SEO Blogs Have to Over Complicate Things?” Good question. I’m not an SEO expert, but I can tell you that most of the basic (and also some of the more advanced) SEO strategies are easy to learn. All you need is a bit of time and some common sense. Oh, and these weird rectangular paper thingies might help. Uhm, boogs or something like that *g*.
  • Don’t neclect your content, though. If you want to write something that really stands out of the mass, Skellie’s “Top 10 Hallmarks of Outstanding Content” might give you the right idea for your next superpost. Since I’ve mentioned Skellie quite regular in my SitW-posts, I want to close this list with a link to the 2008 bloggies, where she is one of the five finalists for “Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog”. Voting doesn’t take a lot of time, so be nice.

Okay, those are my tips for your reading pleasure on this weekend. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Have good read and a nice weekend.

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Stumble into the Weekend 01/18

Another Friday night, another weekend begins, and Tobsy has stumbled his favorite blog posts of the week, so you have something to read.

Oh, and I’m not gonna mention any PR-updates or the Pepperjam Affiliate Network. No need to thank me :-)

Enough introduction, let’s go to the list.

  • If you’re into Marketing, you know how important mailing lists & newsletters are. Now, I’m cheap, so I’m playing around with PHPList, but the most popular service seems to be Aweber. Darren has just made the switch to using Aweber and wrote a First Impression Review. Sounds tempting.
  • Oh, looks like Skellie’s having a double feature here. First, on Daily Blog Tips, she wrote “10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers“. Definitely worth a read (and don’t forget the comments. Some pretty good ones). Skellie’s second post is “31 Days to Becoming a Better Blogger” on North x East - Lots of great tips cut in nice sized chunks.
  • What does your robots.txt look like? You have one, right? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just read Josh Spaulding’s “In-Depth robots.txt Guide“. Don’t neglect it.
  • What’s the first thing people see of your site, when they visit it? Read Vandelay’s “Blog Design: What Should Be Above the Fold?” to find out why this is an important question.
  • I’ll finish with a nice surprise from WPDesigner. Small Potato announced his “Five Dollar Themes Club“. That means that you will get at least 12 premium WordPress Themes for a yearly fee of $5. I really like his themes, so I’m suprised about the price, but hey - count me in.

Okay people, that’s it from me for this installment of SitW. I hope you like the selection. If you do, let the writers know. I’m sure they’d be happy to hear it.

Have a good read and a nice weekend.

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Stumble into the Weekend 01/11

A week has passed, I’ve read a lot of blog posts (I should really get rid of some feeds *g*), and again I want to tell you about my favorites in this installment of SitW. It’s already 4:00 am here, so please forgive any weird spelling. Let’s get to the links.

That’s it from me for this SitW. I hope you’ll enjoy the links, and if you do, why not spread a little stumblelove? I’m sure the writers will be happy.

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