10 ways to make a million in just 5 minu… Oh, cool. WordPress 2.3 is out.

Now that WordPress 2.3 is out, I quickly downloaded it and upgraded a WP-installation on my local server (if you don’t have one, check out XAMPP). As with every major upgrade, I expected some problems, but was surprised - everything went smoothly.

I made some adjustments to the theme and when they also didn’t cause any problems, I couldn’t wait to see BloggerJourney in 2.3.

  • Files uploaded? Check.
  • Database upgrade? Chec… hey, wait a minute. These error messages don’t look friendly.

Somehow the db-server didn’t like the new WordPress. Damn these nostalgic fools.

Forced upgrade didn’t do anything to change my luck, so I exported a couple of tables from the local install and imported them to the unwilling db-servant. Worked.

After copying the changed theme files BloggersJourney seems to do okay. If you notice something different, please let me know.

Lessons learned: Backups are nice, local installations can be very helpful and theme editing can be easy. And I wonder why I have avoided tags for so long.

Good luck with your upgrade.

Oh, and no, I don’t know how to make a million in 5 minutes. I’m just in a really good mood *g*.

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Shoe Affleck?

Recently Mark from 45n5 posted about “blogger celebrity look-alikes“. I hope he doesn’t get all Gladiator on me, but I also see more Kevin Spacey in him.

I look like some freakish kind of hybrid between Michael Moore and Kevin Smith, so I’m sure as hell not to put up incriminating pictures for your amusement ;-).

Mark’s post reminded me of someone else, though. He’s more of a mimic-alike than a look-alike. Let me rephrase that.

Whenever I see Jeremy in a video, I halfway expect Matt Damon sneaking up on me and holding a lecture about the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies. Shoe’s facial expressions always remind me of Ben Affleck.

Am I the only one? Watch this video and look at him talking. Add a suit (and some hair of course) and it could be a scene from “Boiler Room” (great movie btw). Is it just me or do you see what I mean? In a picture - no resemblance. In a video - Dude, what the hell was Gigli about?

God, this has been bugging me, since I read Marks post.

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Stumble into the Weekend 09/21

It is Friday and again I want to list some posts that I have read, liked & stumbled. These posts are definitely worth reading. Oh, and as a special treat: ***drum roll*** None of them is about Blogrush. Isn’t that a nice change?

  • Derek shows 4 examples how to style images with CSS. If you don’t know CSS, read it. And because he writes a lot of great posts about affiliate marketing (No, I’m not a marketer, but I’m interested), I have nominated him for the Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Marketing Blog. Check out his blog, give it your vote, and sorry for sounding like a fanboy.
  • Skellie is doing a brilliant series called “The Simple Web“. I’ve chosen “Part 2: Gripping” for this SitW, but you should really read the whole series. I promise you, it’s worth it.
  • Chris Brogan lists “100 Blog Topics I hope you write“. Considering my low post frequency I might use the list for inspiration. Thanks Chris.
  • What is the Secret to Massive Digg/StumbleUpon Traffic? A thank you? Maybe. Listen to Liz’s advice and show your appreciation.
  • Tim analyzes the algorithm behind StumbleUpon. Okay, it’s just a theory, but a really interesting read. Maybe it’ll help you with you stumbling endeavors.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the posts and remember - the thumb up is just a click away.

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David Airey’s $4,000 blog anniversary prize draw

If you haven’t heard about David’s one-year anniversary contest by now, you should really subscribe to some more feeds. It’s already well covered, but I haven’t entered yet. So here it comes.

David is a logo designer from Edinburgh, Scotland. His one-year blog anniversary is coming up, and he has collected prices from all over the blogosphere to give away in a contest. The number of prizes is way too high to list everything here. Just as an example, this is the “Gold Award”:

  • A custom logo from David himself
  • A custom WordPress theme design from Nate Whitehill
  • A personal marketing / advertising plan from Maki
  • One year’s hosting and blog setup from John Boardley
  • A signed copy of “Blogging Tips” by Lorelle VanFossen

Yes, this is just one of many prizes. For a complete list, look at David Airey’s contest post.

To enter the contest, you simply write a post about it and link to his website with a logo / graphic design-related anchor text (logo designer, best logos, Edinburgh graphic designer, graphic design in Scotland, great logos, or just make one up). This gets you one entry.

You can subscribe to his feed. At the bottom of his posts you’ll see a code word. Mail it to him, when you tell him about your post. This gets you an additional entry.

If you link to some prize sponsors, you get one additional entry per five links. David didn’t provide a simple list of all sponsors for you to copy, so our favorite Contest Blogger took care of that.

This is it:

If you haven’t already entered the contest, then what are you waiting for? I think it’ll be a while until you see another contest as good as this one.

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Get more Traffic with Blogrush

Blogrush is a Blog Syndication Network. As you can see in the widget of my sidebar, it shows 5 post headlines of blogs in your chosen category (There are 34, so your niche should be covered). The headlines are not chosen randomly, but are supposed to be contextual.

For every pageview you get, one of your headlines shows up in the widget of a related blog. So far, so common.

Blogrush has a 10 (!) tier referral program. Your headlines don’t only show up, when someone looks at your blog, but also for pageviews of blogs you referred. And for ones they referred. And so on for 10 generations. This of course means, that an early signup and implementation ist really useful.

You can refer other bloggers by textlink or through your widget.

Blogrush just started, so it’s impossible to say something about the traffic it generates.

Btw, if you make it to the frontpage of Digg and have the widget installed, please tell me what the results were.

So, head over to Blogrush, sign up and install the widget (If you don’t know how, read “How to add a widget to the sidebar“). Test it, track it and promote it. Let’s see how it does.

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