Shoe Affleck?

Recently Mark from 45n5 posted about “blogger celebrity look-alikes“. I hope he doesn’t get all Gladiator on me, but I also see more Kevin Spacey in him.

I look like some freakish kind of hybrid between Michael Moore and Kevin Smith, so I’m sure as hell not to put up incriminating pictures for your amusement ;-).

Mark’s post reminded me of someone else, though. He’s more of a mimic-alike than a look-alike. Let me rephrase that.

Whenever I see Jeremy in a video, I halfway expect Matt Damon sneaking up on me and holding a lecture about the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies. Shoe’s facial expressions always remind me of Ben Affleck.

Am I the only one? Watch this video and look at him talking. Add a suit (and some hair of course) and it could be a scene from “Boiler Room” (great movie btw). Is it just me or do you see what I mean? In a picture - no resemblance. In a video - Dude, what the hell was Gigli about?

God, this has been bugging me, since I read Marks post.

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