Social Media Extension for Firefox

97th Floor released a “Social Media Extension” for Firefox today.

The extension consists of 2 elements:

  1. It’s an addition to your status bar, that shows you the votes at Reddit and Digg, the stumbles at StumbleUpon and bookmarks at of the currently opened page in your browser.
  2. When you visit one of these sites, the extension adds displays for the ratings at the other sites.

It looks like this:

Social Media Extension

This is the Industry News section of Digg with the extension installed. This way you can also see how many stumbles, votes and bookmarks the stories got on the other sites.

In the status bar you see the 4 symbols for all the currently supported sites. When you open a blog post and click manual, you get an overview without having to visit the sites.

When you see a story you like that hasn’t gotten any stumbles yet, you can submit it to StumbleUpon, thus strengthening your reputation there, and vice versa.

So, get the Social Media Extension for Firefox and try it out.

Thanks to 97th Floor and everyone involved in the creation of this extension.

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