The Social Web Part 3: Blog Communities

Have you noticed the small avatars in my sidebar? You have seen them on other blogs too? Well, if you haven’t been curious enough to check them out, you might want to do it now.

Blog Community Services

What these services have in common is the possibility for you or your blog to join communities (or neighborhoods). All of them also provide a widget you can customize and then display in your sidebar (or wherever it pleases you).


Recently acquired by Yahoo. MyBlogLog is the biggest of the communities, at least for now. I don’t know what Yahoo has planned for them, but they should implement features soon, or I’m sure we will see others take MyBlogLog’s place. As a visitor you can join blog’s communities. A blogger can place a “last visitors”widget on his side, which shows pictures of them, if they are registered at MyBlogLog. He also gets to see nice stats (the restricted version is free) about his blog.


If your looking for an objective review, you should take this with a grain of salt. BlogCatalog is my favorite of all the community services. It’s intuitively designed, has neighborhoods, friends, and like MyBlogLog you can get a widget that shows your visitors. What makes BlogCatalog the community of my choice are the discussions. It’s got a forum full of other bloggers, with whom you can talk. I think I’ve met more nice and interesting people there than anywhere else on the web. Since the userbase is spread pretty much around the globe, you have round-the-clock communication. Okay, I’ll stop here. I sound like a fanboy.


Bumpzee goes another way. Where the others’ communities are single blogs and their visitors, Bumpzee communities are made of blogs who center around a common topic. Every community has it’s manager. Before you can join, he first has to approve your blog, to keep out spammers. Instead of just linking to the member blogs, Bumpzee reads their feed and links to the posts. In addition to the “latest visitors” widget you can also use a voting feature. Check it out. While the features look really nice, it doesn’t feel as homely as BlogCatalog to me.

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