The Social Web Part 1: Social News Sites

You have written great posts, but your visitor count doesn’t explode. You want people to know about your blog. Isn’t there a possible source of large amounts of traffic? After all, you believe that your content is really worth some attention.

Social News Sites CAN bring you a lot of traffic. In fact, they can bring you so much traffic, that your server goes down (if it’s not a well administered, sufficiently dimensioned server).

The three Majors:


The biggest of all voting news sites. The aforementioned server crash is commonly known as the “digg effect” for a reason – Digg delivers. Of course there are a couple of things you should know, before you waste your time. If you want the massive traffic fix, you need to get on the frontpage. To achieve that, you should have a circle of friends who deliver the first diggs. So, register there, digg stories you like, leave comments and get some friends. Then you might have a shot. But you better have some articles that are interesting to a geek audience. Oh, and good luck finding a category for your post (you’ll see what I mean).


Of the three big voting news sites, this is the only one that has actually given me massive traffic. Lots of traffic for a new blog. Other than it’s competitors, Reddit only wants the URI and the title of the story you submit. You don’t have to summarize or comment on it. If you think your Title sounds interesting and makes people want to know more – give it a try. You don’t have to choose a category for the post.


The categories here could be taken from a newspaper with a really broad topic selection. It’s kinda like digg, only without the concentration on the nerd faction. So, if you’re blogging about politics, Netscape might be a nice addition. Stories are removed from the listing pages after 24 hours. That has to do.

Some things the three have in common:

  • Having friends is a great benefit (if not a prerequisite).
  • Don’t submit a post during the night. People have to be awake to vote.
  • While it might not be forbidden, submitting your own stories is often frowned upon.
  • The title makes or breaks a frontpage story.

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