Stumble into the Weekend 01/04

Welcome to 2008, and welcome to the first installment of SitW of the year. Yes, you guessed right - writing anything besides my weekly stumble-aroud was none of my New Year’s resolutions. As long as my marketing endeavors are still in their infancy stage, I’ll stick to this.

So, let’s get started with my favorite posts of the week:

Okay, these are the selected few that I liked a lot and rewarded with a stumble. If you enjoy reading them, why don’t you do the same?

Oh, just in case you know a blog or specific post that you think deserves some exposure, tell me about it. I read quite a lot of feeds, but am always looking for highlights I’ve yet to discover (No promises, though, so spamming isn’t welcome).

That’s it for today. Have a nice weekend and a good read.

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