Stumble into the Weekend 02/29

Once again a week has gone by, and I want to share with you my favorite blog posts. Since it’s already 3 am, and I’m a little tired, I’ll spare you a long intro.

  • As you might know, I’m always interested in the creative ways people useWordPress. So, the first post today is “48 Unique Ways To Use WordPress” over at Performancing. It’s a nice compilation that you shouldn’t miss.
  • At ProBlogger, Alex Shalman’s “Ultimate Guide To Networking With Bloggers” gives you a couple of tips on how to approach and network with your fellow bloggers. Read it, it’s worth it. One of the best things about blogging are the people you’ll get to know.
  • Today my list includes three “number-10-posts”, and the first is Andy MacDonald’s “Ten Web Publishing DONTs“. A must-read for these people who traded their common sense for a copy of MS Frontpage.
  • For those who - like myself - are not native English speakers, Jarkko shares some of the lessons blogging has taught him in his “Ten Practical Tips for Writing in English“. One thing that really enhanced my English - comedians. In a way I used George Carlin, Denis Leary & Co as English teachers. Languages are so much easier to learn when you can laugh while doing it.
  • My last link for today goes to Traffikd. While StumbleTraffic is always a nice thing to get, the people behind the traffic are often easily forgotten. So, read Steven’s “10 Ways to Be a Good StumbleUpon Friend” and next time one of your posts gets stumbled, remember that those stat numbers are actual people, and be nice.

Okay, that’s it for today. I hope you like this selection of posts, and if you do, don’t be shy - raise your thumb for them *g*.

I wish you all a good read and a nice weekend.

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