Stumble into the Weekend 09/21

It is Friday and again I want to list some posts that I have read, liked & stumbled. These posts are definitely worth reading. Oh, and as a special treat: ***drum roll*** None of them is about Blogrush. Isn’t that a nice change?

  • Derek shows 4 examples how to style images with CSS. If you don’t know CSS, read it. And because he writes a lot of great posts about affiliate marketing (No, I’m not a marketer, but I’m interested), I have nominated him for the Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Marketing Blog. Check out his blog, give it your vote, and sorry for sounding like a fanboy.
  • Skellie is doing a brilliant series called “The Simple Web“. I’ve chosen “Part 2: Gripping” for this SitW, but you should really read the whole series. I promise you, it’s worth it.
  • Chris Brogan lists “100 Blog Topics I hope you write“. Considering my low post frequency I might use the list for inspiration. Thanks Chris.
  • What is the Secret to Massive Digg/StumbleUpon Traffic? A thank you? Maybe. Listen to Liz’s advice and show your appreciation.
  • Tim analyzes the algorithm behind StumbleUpon. Okay, it’s just a theory, but a really interesting read. Maybe it’ll help you with you stumbling endeavors.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the posts and remember - the thumb up is just a click away.

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