Stumble into the Weekend 09/28

It’s Friday again. Have shown a bit of stumbling support for your favorite posts? If you’re planning on doing it over the weekend, I have some suggestions for you.

  • Daniel gives 10 tips for writing better posts on Daily Blog Tips. Check them out and follow his advice. I’m sure I can use it. *g*.
  • Skellie writes about criticism, both constructive and destructive, and how to deal with it. Keep it cool, and be reasonable. Thumbs up.
  • As I’ve written before, I find the whole area of affiliate marketing really interesting. So when I read this list of 49 tips on Adwords that Googlelady put on her blog, I just had to stumble it. Take your time, it’s a comprehensive list.
  • Speaking of comprehensive - Maki wrote “How to Set up Google Custom Search for Your Website and Make Money” over at Dosh Dosh. He explains every step, so you might want to give it a try (and a thumb up, while you’re there).
  • I wanted to write about Google’s Webmaster Tools for some time, but never really found the time. Thanks to Eric from Search Engine Journal I don’t need to anymore. I’ll just refer you to his post “Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide“.

Okay, these are my 5 tips for your reading pleasure. I hope you’ll find them helpful and stumbleworthy.

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