Stumble into the Weekend 10/05

It is Friday, the weekend is approaching and guess who’s back to tell you what he stumbled upon?

Oh please. Stop guessing. Seriously. It was just a lame introduction phrase.

As every other Friday, I’m going to list a couple of posts I read, liked and stumbled this week.

  • Alex ended his 5-part-series about the basics of blogging with a “succeed at blogging by being nice” post. While I agree that being nice is almost always the best way to deal with people, you should be careful about the hugs. Make it short. There’s no cuddling before you took me out to dinner.
  • Did you leave your category descriptions empty? I did, and gave up some SEO potential. Read Garry’s “SEO Tip - Categories and Category Descriptions” and you will understand why. Good job, Garry.
  • Over at Vandelay Design you can read “13 Ways to Create Unique, Original Blog Content“. The one tip you can never stress enough: Keep a journal. I started it when I was preparing to write a short story, and since then I’ve almost never been without a notebook or something similar.
  • Dee wrote a post about “What Everybody Ought to Know About Link Building” at nbb. I’m not sure I unterstand him completely, but I’m getting the impression that it takes time ;-).
  • My last recommendation is more practical. Mark gives us a basic tutorial on “How To Make A Basic PHP Widget“. Something to get your hands dirty during the weekend. Have fun.

That’s it for today. Follow the links and read the posts. If you like them, why not show them a little StumbleLove? Don’t forget Alex’ advice: Succeed by being nice. Oh, that rhymes. I’m such a poet.

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