Stumble into the Weekend 12/08

It’s Friday, and you are in desperate need of something to read during the weekend? That’s what I thought. That’s why I compiled this weeks SitW. Once again I list my favorite blog posts of the week. A stumble and a link go to:

  • Chris Garrett’s “Conversation as a Competitive Advantage” - A good reminder that blogs have an “audience participation advantage” over static websites. Well, as long as the blogger does more than just list other people’s posts ;-).
  • Skellie’s “Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever” on Daily Blog Tips - Follow them and your chances of coming up with a great post look pretty good.
  • Usability is a Conversation” also by Skellie, this time on Skelliewag - An unorthodox and creative illustration of what usability means and why it is important. This is brilliant.
  • Vandelay Design’s “Make Your Website Linkable” - Some good linkbuilding tips. And who couldn’t use a little link love? Well, maybe Yahoo or Google. But you’re not blogging for them, are you?
  • Court’s “Creating An Authority RSS Count + Secret RSS Booster Tip” - RSS subscribers? Do I need them? Why? How do I get more, then? Don’t ask me, my subscriber number has two digits. Read Court’s post instead. He’ll tell you.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be a Perfectionist” by Maki - Okay, this title was a surprise. If there’s one blogger I’d associate with the word perfection, it’s Maki. The title makes sense, though. You’ll know why when you read it.
  • The monster list of “125 Social Bookmarking Sites” Loren Baker compiled for Search Engine Journal - What’s there to say? The mother of all bookmarking lists (it’s grown to 127, so I think it even reproduces *g*).

Okay, that was my list of posts I liked a lot and stumbled happily. You like ‘em too? Give them a thumb up.

Have a nice weekend.

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