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Most of us read our favorite feeds on a daily basis. There are good and bad posts, but some really stand out. “Stumble into the weekend” is my way to express my thanks to the writers of those posts. I read them, I stumbled them and now I link to them.

  • On Arsenal Marketing you can find a list of 139 Social Media Sites, including the PR. This should come in very handy, if you’re thinking about Social Media promotion.
  • Netbusinessblog illustrates for you why building one site is better than building multiple sites. I agree. Concentrate on one strong, profitable authority site.
  • Daniel wrote “Add a Footer to Your RSS Feed: 7 Practical Examples” on Daily Blog Tips. Something I should also do. If you’re one of the new subscribers to my feed, you might even see one, by the time you read this.
  • The blogging tips experts from Blog about your Blog rightfully think, that they belong into the Technorati Top 5000. To get a little push they are holding a contest, and guess who just entered. Dude, I’m so sneaky.
  • If you’re into affiliate marketing, this post about “how to hide all your affiliate links with only one file” might be something for you. It’s written by Derek, and since it is just one of many examples for his great posts, it doesn’t only get him a link, but also a place in my blogroll.

That’s something to read for your weekend. If you like the posts, why don’t you give them a stumble yourself?

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