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Blogrush is a Blog Syndication Network. As you can see in the widget of my sidebar, it shows 5 post headlines of blogs in your chosen category (There are 34, so your niche should be covered). The headlines are not chosen randomly, but are supposed to be contextual.
For every pageview you get, one of your […]

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Dosh Dosh - thorough and inspiring

Before I started to take blogging more seriously, I didn’t like feed readers. I was pretty happy with just using my bookmarks.
My own blog was in German, and I updated it only sporadically. It was just an outlet for my thoughts, when I felt like writing them down. After a while I thought “Hey, maybe […]

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The Social Web Part 3: Blog Communities

Have you noticed the small avatars in my sidebar? You have seen them on other blogs too? Well, if you haven’t been curious enough to check them out, you might want to do it now.
Blog Community Services
What these services have in common is the possibility for you or your blog to join communities (or neighborhoods). […]

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The Social Web Part 1: Social News Sites

You have written great posts, but your visitor count doesn’t explode. You want people to know about your blog. Isn’t there a possible source of large amounts of traffic? After all, you believe that your content is really worth some attention.
Social News Sites CAN bring you a lot of traffic. In fact, they can bring […]

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Why do you want to start blogging?

Don’t get me wrong - I like the idea. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t read my blog right now. But I believe before you even start to think about what you’re gonna write, you should try to realise why you want to blog in the first place.
Some of the more common reasons to blog:

The […]

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