WordPress Admin Dashboard - Technorati or Google Blogsearch?

On the right side of your WordPress admin dashboard you can see your incoming links. Until recently the data was fetched from Technorati.
This changed in WordPress 2.3. Now the data is fetched from Google Blogsearch.
While I think that 2.3 is a big step forward, I prefer Technorati as the source for my incoming links. So […]

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The Top Ten Google Keyword Blunders - Meme

BloggersJourney is a relatively young blog, as you can see by looking at my impressionable pagerank of 0. Thanks to my laziness it also doesn’t have that many posts yet. Since most of my search engine keywords are relevant and on topic, I was at a loss when Garry Conn tagged me for his “Top […]

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Why Google shouldn’t care about Paid Links

Over the last week there have been stories popping up about Google manually lowering the displayed Pagerank of some blogs, because they were selling links. One of the blogs affected by this was that of Andy Beard.
I know that most of my readers are either bloggers or have an interest in becoming a blogger. Most […]

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