Stumble into the Weekend 09/21

It is Friday and again I want to list some posts that I have read, liked & stumbled. These posts are definitely worth reading. Oh, and as a special treat: ***drum roll*** None of them is about Blogrush. Isn’t that a nice change?

Derek shows 4 examples how to style images with CSS. If you don’t […]

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Stumble into the Weekend

Most of us read our favorite feeds on a daily basis. There are good and bad posts, but some really stand out. “Stumble into the weekend” is my way to express my thanks to the writers of those posts. I read them, I stumbled them and now I link to them.

On Arsenal Marketing you can […]

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15 Free Web Directories for your Blog

If your looking for some links to your site, you shouldn’t forget the web directories.
Nowadays people mostly use search engines, so directories have lost some of their earlier importance. They still give link juice and the occasional visitor, though. And since web directories help search engines to better understand the topic of your blog, you […]

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The Social Web Part 2: Social Bookmarking Services

In the beginning there was the web. People stored their bookmarks locally. Then the netgods said: “Let there be tags!”, and social bookmarking emerged. Or something like that.
Social bookmarking is a simple thing. You store your bookmarks (or favorites, if you prefer that term) online and give them a couple of tags, which help you […]

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