The Social Web Part 4: StumbleUpon

Yes, this 4th and last past part (for now) of the Social Web Series is devoted to one single service.

StumbleUpon not only combines a lot of the features that put the 2 in Web 2.0. It’s easy to use, community driven and delivers a constant flow of targeted traffic to your blog.

How to start

It’s pretty simple. Go to the StumbleUpon website, download the toolbar, register as a user and you’re set. When you visit a website you like, hit the “I like it” button (The thumbs up).
StumbleUpon will learn what you like and compare your interests to that of other stumblers. When you hit the stumble button, you will be send to sites that where stumbled by people with interests similar to yours.

What else can I do?

Edit your preferences. When others look at your profile, you should let them know a little bit about you.

Voice your opinion. After stumbling something, write a little comment. I always appreciate it, when people tell me, what they think about my posts. Don’t you?

Add some friends. Look for people who share some interests with you, browse through their stumble history and add them to your list of friends. That way you add another source for StumbleUpon to better guess just what exactly you might like.

Join groups. There are many groups on StumbleUpon, built around a specific interest. Join the ones that you feel fit your interests.

Use the forums. After you’ve joined a group, browse through it’s forum. There might be some pretty interesting discussion you don’t want to miss.

Use feeds. You can see who stumbled your posts by entering followed by the post’s address. If you want to be informed of new reviews, you can add it to your feed reader by subscribing to followed by the address.

I hope you will give StumbleUpon a try. It’s really worth it, no matter if you’re just looking for an interesting site or have your own blog in mind.

If there’s anything unclear, you can always check the official or the unofficial faq.

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5 Responses to “The Social Web Part 4: StumbleUpon”

  1. Stumble Upon is a great toolbar addition. The only thing you have to watch out for is wasting too much of your day stumbling around the internet. I know I have.

  2. I love StumbleUpon. That’s the first social bookmarking site I started on and now I do all of them. Furl, Digg, Technorati, etc. They are all so addicting!

  3. I thought stumnleupon was a good idea too but I think I got blacklisted or something for clicking on my own site. Why don’t they warn you about things like this beforehand ? Maybe I’ll try again but it never seemed to do a lot of good.

  4. I use Stumbleupon all the time. It’s a great way to find some of the coolest stuff on the web.

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