The Top Ten Google Keyword Blunders - Meme

BloggersJourney is a relatively young blog, as you can see by looking at my impressionable pagerank of 0. Thanks to my laziness it also doesn’t have that many posts yet. Since most of my search engine keywords are relevant and on topic, I was at a loss when Garry Conn tagged me for his “Top Ten Google Keyword Blunders”-meme.

Then I thought “Why not just use another blog?”, so my Top Ten Google Blunders are for Tobsy says, a blog I haven’t posted to for quite some time. It still gets at least 100 visitors a day, 60% of them from search engines, so there’s enough to choose from.

The Top Ten

  1. how to dress up like karl benz - Why would you want to do that? I’m pretty sure his wardrobe is out of style nowadays. And since he’s dead for quite some time, you also shouldn’t try to smell like him.
  2. is soccer the most common thing in the usa - Yes, it is. And the most popular, too. Even more than a bikini wax or a dentist appointment.
  3. are all germans rude? - Yes, we are. We just don’t call it “rude”, for us it is “privacy enhancing”.
  4. how can i become a idiot - Just keep on doing this, and you should be on your way.
  5. beerdrinking german chicks - Now, that’s a weird fetish. I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t quite understand the charm of smelling like a pub, but if it makes you happy …
  6. nipples enslaves - Uhm, okay. If you say so.
  7. hermaphrodytes in the philippines - Okay, I remember calling David Backham a hermaphrodite in a post, but the Philippines?
  8. pictures of gay men wearing lederhosen - And I called “beerdrinking german chicks” a weird fetish. Dammit. Now the thought of a parade of gay guys in lederhosen, yodeling their way through Bavaria, will haunt me for the rest of the day.
  9. the fattest asses on the web - Oh nice. And Google sent you to me, huh? Thanks, Big G., you’re really earning sympathy points here.
  10. the worlds top 10 unhealthiest fast food in the world - Yep, you’ve come to the right place. Just ask the guy with the fattest ass on the web.

Okay, I admit - that was fun. Thanks Garry :-)

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