www prefix - yes or no?

At some point you have to choose what you’re address should look like. Take a look at your browser’s address field. This blog’s URI is bloggersjourney.com. No www. No matter what part of this blog you visit or how you enter the address into your browser.

Spiders and bots are really simple minded. Yes, even the Googlebot. www.bloggersjourney.com and bloggersjourney.com are two different sites for them. So, to make sure your pagerank doesn’t get devided between the two domains, and you don’t risk to be punished for duplicate content, you should install the “enforce www. preference” plugin.

Unzip the archive, open your ftp client to copy the enforce-www- preference.php to your blog’s plugin directory. Activate it in your blog’s plugin management and you’re done.

From now on, no matter what address people enter to visit your site, it gets redirected to the address you entered in your general options.

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One Response to “www prefix - yes or no?”

  1. The question of using www or not to use www is becoming more and more irrelevent. I even dont see a need to use the Enforce www plugin. The www enforce plugin does not enforce people linking to your site with or without www. It only enforces people using the site to use the that plugin. I am not entirely sure if google actually accounts for such redirects. May be I need to learn that.

    However the simplest way of getting the most out your links whether they have www or not is To www or not to www - that is not a SEO question

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